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BLOG - The Story Behind the Photograph

To me a photograph tells a story, here I share stories of the days I capture with you. These personal stories are shared with the kind permission of my clients.

Chris and Emily's Orocco Pier Wedding

Surrounded by the Forth Bridges you don't get a much more iconic for an Edinburgh wedding location than Orocco Pier. My wedding photography is about giving the couple what they want to make their day exactly how they want it. Over the years I have learnt how to work with couples to ensure we get right balance, beautiful memories and a beautiful wedding day. My couples often mention this in their reviews.

Chris and Emily's wedding day was about the fun of getting everyone together. Like so many couples they aren't naturally comfortable in front on the camera so this day was truly relaxed, they opted for the shortest couple shoot I have ever done, it was a 2 minute walk up and down the beach and then they got back to the party and did the shortest first dance I have ever seen, it lasted about 30 seconds. These guys are my best friends and I know Chris isn't one for traditions so he just wanted to party and enjoy the day with his friends. This wedding was in 2014 and was very early in my career as a wedding photographer but I still love it and wanted to share it with the world.