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BLOG - The Story Behind the Photograph

To me a photograph tells a story, here I share stories of the days I capture with you. These personal stories are shared with the kind permission of my clients.

Baby Ruby's First Year

One of the most amazing things on this planet is how we grow and develop and sometimes I get to capture this for families. I first visited baby Ruby and her family when she was just 5 weeks old. She was so adorable and still a tiny little baby who ate, slept and snuggled. I then had the joy of following her development at 6 months when she was starting to get a bit more mobile and enjoying exploring all her toys. Six months past so quickly and I was back to capture this little girl at 1 year old. She was starting to pull herself up and get everywhere she wanted by crawling. She was cheeky and great fun to play with and I loved catching pictures of her as she explored the living room and listened to stories with her mum and aunty.

Newborn Portraits of Baby Ruby

Baby Ruby at 6 Months

Ruby's First Birthday Photoshoot