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BLOG - The Story Behind the Photograph

To me a photograph tells a story, here I share stories of the days I capture with you. These personal stories are shared with the kind permission of my clients.

Outdoor Portrait Photography with Symudiad Training

Fine Art Muscoskeletal Portraits

Outdoor portrait photography in Scotland can be challenging but beautiful. As a kid I did a lot of gymnastics and synchronize swimming and loved all the crazy movements I could do especially when it was put to music. These days I can barely do a forward roll but I love to do Pilates and Yoga when I get a chance and I find muscoskeletal science fascinating.  Capturing the beauty of the bodies movement artistically has been an aim of mine for a while and this shoot is hopefully the start of my personal project to study the movement, shape and form of the human body through fine art portraits. This also links in with my bridge abstracts project which I will share more of soon.

Symudiad Training

Mark Balsom is my little cousin and runs his business, Symudiad training in Chavornay, Switzerland.

Symudiad, meaning movement in Welsh (a reference to our Welsh Grandparents) is all about using your own body weight to strengthen your body to improve the core strengths and flexibility which are required for life. It's about becoming the superhero of your body which equips you for life whether it be as a professional athlete or as a mum carrying children around. One day maybe he'll get me back to being more flexible!