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Clare, Kenny and Walter's Couple Photo Shoot

This shoot was a mix up of pet photography and a couple photo shoot, Clare and Kenny opted for a dog photo shoot when we met up to plan their wedding photography.

If you follow my Facebook or Instagram feed you will have seen some images from their stunning wedding last month at Orocco Pier. I love meeting up with couples before their day for a wee bit of wedding planning, a natter and sometimes we also do a little couple shoot. As Walter the dog is a massive part of Clare and Kenny’s life we did a pet photo shoot instead of a standard couple photo shoot. Walter is so important to them that he appeared beside them on their wedding cake. Unfortunately, it would have been too troublesome for him to have attended their wedding day so we caught some pictures of them altogether during our meet up instead. We met in South Queensferry so we could take Walter for a walk and enjoy the wonderfully situated beach which lies below the majestic Forth Bridge.  

I don’t have a dog so it is always a novelty to get to take a dog for a walk. I love watching them explore and smell everything. Walter is a beautiful, friendly Collie who loved exploring the beach and in true Collie style spent a lot of his time looking like he was going to heard us like a load of sheep. He was always keeping a close eye on Clare and Kenny and kept lying low and hiding amongst the seaweed but with his eyes fixed on his owners.

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and hopefully the images are memories which Clare and Kenny can look back on in years to come.

Pet photography is always enjoyable and capturing such a gorgeous dog with such a fun couple in such an iconic destination made for a really fun couple photo shoot 😊