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Engagement Photo Shoot - Sunset on St. Andrews beach

Kate and Sean chose St. Andrews for their engagement photo shoot. Since being a kid camping at Crail I have loved the East Neuk. It reminds me of exploring rockpools, watching the fishing boats coming in and being so so excited by seeing dolphins swimming past. In more recent years it’s become somewhere I also get to visit to document peoples lives.

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on seeing the cutest towns in Scotland.

There are so many beautiful spots to explore, we chose the beach as the sun was setting and the light was beautiful.

Kate was one of my closest friends through high school but we lost touch over the years. She is still the same fun, chatty friend and within a minute of meeting up I felt time no time had passed.

Sean and Kate were nervous of the camera to begin with. Looking at the black hole of a camera lens is intimidating but the engagement shoot is a great opportunity to realise that you don’t have to look into the camera all the time. You can just walk about and enjoy some moments together and I’ll run around to catch those little connections which happen between every couple.

As our tummies began to rumble and we decided to head for some dinner we spotted horses galloping along the very lengthy west sands beach. I love horses so with Kate’s insistence I spent a couple of extra minutes to catch these pics. If you’ve ever galloped on a beach you’ll understand my envy of these riders!

The Wedding

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