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Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot - Ducks Make Me Smile

This family photo shoot was a little bit special. Nicola’s friends bought her the family photo shoot voucher as a present, they knew that she would love some special pictures of them but that a studio shoot just wouldn’t work.

When I first spoke to Nicola I could tell the idea of a photo shoot made her nervous. She imagined being in a studio and with Harrison’s autism she knew that the being in a studio would really upset him. When I explained that my shoots could be wherever she wanted and that there is no pressure for the kids to do anything except enjoy themselves she was delighted.

She chose Inverleith Park as it had a duck pond and Harrison loves feeding the ducks.

Whenever Harrison saw a duck or a bird his face just lit up. Oliver and Harrison both just explored to pond and I recorded the smiles and laughter as we went.

“There’s some lovely ones particularly of Harrison laughing. He’s not easy to capture so we’ll definitely be framing some of those. I love the photo of the boys kissing too - so cute!”

I had a lot of fun at this shoot, watching the birds with Harrison was lovely and I took these extra shots for him to keep and smile at :-)