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Event Photo Shoot - Ian's 70th Birthday Party

Like many families, when you have a hard year and your health has given you a reality check on how delicate life is, you re-evaulate your life a bit. For Ian, he wanted to celebrate his birthday in style and get all his old friends and his family together and he wanted to capture these memories for the future with an event photo shoot.

Ian and his family celebrated his 70th birthday at the Adamson Hotel in Crossford. I remember going to this hotel years back and sitting in a dark dingy room, the hotel is now light and beautifully renovated and was a great venue for Ian’s party. What a transformation from the old windowless room!

Ian and his wife, Anne, have 5 children and 10 grandchildren and you could clearly see how close they all were. The younger grandchildren chased the balloons and the older cousins helped them to catch them when they couldn’t. The older boys were entertained and played with the balloons too by exploring how high they could make their hair stand up on end.

It’s amazing how kids entertain themselves, they always manage to find something to keep themselves occupied, as a mum of a 5 year old who has just discovered how to write, I loved watching the two little girls who were writing together or the two who were sitting quietly reading.

Ian loves his Scottish heritage so they had a piper to play ‘The Flower of Scotland’ as he cut his cake.

The family had gathered some old photographs together and Ian’s friends all enjoyed looking back at their younger years.

I loved just capturing all the little moments during the party and the relationships between the family. I hope they can treasure these images for many years to come and I hope they print them and treasure them just like the old images that they shared at the party.

If you were a guest at the party and would like to view the full gallery you can register your email by clicking here . The password is Ian’s daughter, Fiona’s surname. Contact me if you don’t know it and need to access the gallery.

Below are my highlights from this fun event photo shoot. Here is a link to another cute family party I captured. This one was a daytime family party shoot at a country house in Blair Gowrie, with horses and a hot tub :-) 

Ali xox