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Family photo shoot in Dunfermline at the beautiful Balmule House

If you're looking to do a family photo shoot in Dunfermline check out this cute family session at the beautiful Balmule House.

Bridget and her family are South African, she lives in Fife and the rest of her family live thousands of miles away in Johannesburg. When you all live so far apart, times when you are altogether are limited and the kids change so much, so quickly. The whole family were over for Bridget and Michael's wedding at Dundas Castle so they were spending some time altogether and invited me along to capture some family memories that Bridget's mum Val and the rest of the family could treasure.

Despite the distance, the cousins all played beautifully together, like a lot of modern families they chat online and it was so lovely to see how this has cemented their bond. They ran around playing hide and seek and exploring the beautiful country house. Bridget’s twin sister Kate came to me and asked if we could catch some cute photos of her children seeing snow for the first time. Following the crazy weather this year there was still this little patch of snow in the garden and the kids, and Kate, were so excited to see it. Despite the snow being rather slushy they managed to have a mini snowball fight. It was so fun to catch their faces and this special little family adventure on my camera. For me, this is what family portrait photography is about. 

I used to live in Kelty (weirdly when I was speaking to Bridget I discovered she lives in my old street) and I would drive the scenic A823 road past the Balmule fishery at least once a week. I never once noticed that there was such a pretty historic house just off this road. Balmule House is up a long drive and dates back to the 15th century. It is a beautiful house set in 30 acres of woodland. The gardens that immediately surround the house are beautifully kept and were a lovely spot for some family photos. The staff were welcoming and friendly and the boutique hotel was immaculate. I’d love to return to shoot a wedding here as they offer some great wedding packages for weddings up to 120 guests.

It was a perfect location to capture a relaxed family photo shoot in Dunfermline. Thank you to Bridget for inviting me into her family for a couple of hours. Here are the highlights from their shoot.  Ali x