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Scottish Beach Wedding, Portobello, Edinburgh

Scottish Beach Wedding, Portobello, Edinburgh

A scottish beach wedding is not an easy thing to plan but Louise and Andy were determined to get married on Portobello Beach whatever the weather. Louise and Andy moved to Edinburgh and fell in love with the Portobello area and their flat's amazing views over the coastline and river. For them getting married on the beach was like getting married in their garden, it was part of their home so they chose a date in May and booked the Ghillie Dhu for the reception after.

When I met up with them to discuss their day, Andy was out kayaking and kayaked in to meet me. The popularity of Portobello on a bank holiday meant we couldn't find a spot in a pub to sit and chat so we just had a lovely wander along the promenade instead taking in the beauty of the Portobello sea front.  

On the day of the wedding I walked along and spotted their wedding location, marked out with cute bunting, hay bales and balloons. I stopped to get a few pictures of the beach before continuing on to find Louise at her flat, super organised and already in her stunning vintage dress from Bliss Bridal. Their was a lovely buzz about in the flat as they all got ready and then walked along the promenade to the wedding. 

The weather was forecast to be fine so all the umbrellas had been put away but in typical scottish style the rain arrived and it poured for a few short minutes. The uninvited rain had no impact on the ceremony and I remember Louise's mum staring fixedly at the beautiful ceremony in front of her, ignoring the rain. It was such a beautiful moment to see someone so entranced in her daughters day she seemed oblivious to the weather. 

The humanist ceremony was certainly unique and personal with a zombie apocalypse poem and a soundtrack of waves crashing on the sand.  

As a documentary wedding photographer I don't take the couple away for hours for photographs, instead I went with Louise and Andy while they had a wee walk up the beach to get a portrait in front of their flat, Coillesdene House. Louise couldn't resist dipping her feet in the sea and we found a dog and a sandcastle on our way. 

The Ghillie Dhu was our next stop. The majestic building and ornate ceiling of this venue is stunning and it has to be one of the best rooms for a ceilidh I've ever seen.  

If you are orgnaising your own scottish beach wedding and would like an unobtrusive fun and friendly photographer, then get in touch and tell me about your day.

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