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As documentary wedding photographer I love telling the story of your day, I also use my relaxed journalistic style in my family portrait photography. I love creating artistic natural portraits which capture all those little natural connections between people.

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My Philosophy

Disney's Inside Out, Family Photographs & Lasting Memories!

The other day I watched the Disney film 'Inside Out'. Have you seen it? If not, it's about a girls mind and how her emotions guide her through a difficult life changing event. I mention this because in the film her memories are moved to the long term memory archive and then some were dropped into the abyss and lost forever! Forever! Can you imagine forgetting that simple natural moment when your child was just joyously digging on the beach. Or their funny little expressions! All those little connections you have had together? After watching the film I felt so relieved that I document my family's lives through family photos and that I write things down. I immediately picked up my little memory book and scribbled down short little snippets about my kids lives and the little things they do. 



This is a clip of my latest personal photo book, this page is documenting the day we met our friends baby for the first time, we played on the beach and my son sang 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' when the baby cried. These little memories keep me grounded and happy.

Doing documentary wedding photography and family photography helps me to keep these memories and connections alive, I want to stop them being lost in the abyss! It may be a special event or it may just be documenting some family time. Whatever it is think about the value in those photographs and think about having lovely albums to look back on. If you're having a baby think about the importance of some stunning baby photographs. What is more important, having a buggy that costs £1000 or having some beautiful artistic photographs to remember your baby when they grow up??

Documentary Wedding Photographer


My clients never regret the decision to invest in their photographer, the photographs are the lasting part of your wedding

What matters on your wedding day, spending an extra £1000 on a little detail that's just for that day or spending that bit extra on a documentary wedding photographer who will capture the interactions and the people that make your day special. A photographer can make a cheap wedding look expensive or if they are bad they can make an expensive wedding look very cheap. Your memories are brought back when you look at your wedding photographs so consider your photography choices carefully. :-) Your wedding day is about you committing to each other in front of your friends and family. It is a time when everyone is together, nothing reminds me more about why these memories are so special than when I have clients who get in touch who have sadly lost someone they love. They never regret the decision they made to invest in their photographer and are always so grateful for the memories I've captured. 

The beauty of photography is that no photograph can every be the same, the moment has passed. The photographs on my site can never be re-enacted as the children in them have grown, the baby will now be walking, chasing her big brother around. My clients return to me to capture new memories because they don't regret that investment they made. 

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