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Graduation photography can be a bit dull and lifeless as everyone stands woodenly in front of a white screen. It doesn't capture the story of your day or your experiences in the city where you have spent many years of your life. These alternative graduation photo shoots set around the University of Edinburgh capture a bit of your story and the places that you have experienced. 

Last year various students contacted me as they wanted something different to record their time in Edinburgh.

Li, an Edinburgh University graduate from Hong Kong couldn't make his graduation ceremony so he chose to have some candid photos around the places he had explored during his time residing in the capital. We captured some pics around the architecture teaching areas on Minto street and the Edinburgh College of Art. We visited some of his favourite historic buildings which he had studied as part of his architecture degree. Karina and her friends, also from Hong Kong, booked me on their graduation day to get some photographs before their ceremony while they had their robes. They chose to get some photographs around the iconic library building, McEwan Hall, Old College and the meadows. 

I love capturing the beauty of Scotland and the iconic mountains on Glen Coe are often at the top of the list of places to visit. When Zuhri and Nisah asked for images of iconic Scotland to take home as a souvenir there was only one place to go. We spent a day travelling up to Glen Coe, stopping at various beauty spots en-route including Loch Lomond, the Trossarchs, Stirling Castle and the Forth Rail Bridge. 

These images are more than graduation photographs, they tell the story of the adventure of living or visiting another country. When they are framed on your wall and your kids or grandkids look at them they will lead you to describe your time in Scotland.  You will be able to show them the castle, the mountains, your student accommodation or maybe your favourite pub. 

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