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Forbes of Kingennie Wedding - Kate and Sean's Vintage Themed Wedding

Wow, what can I say about this stunning vintage themed, Forbes of Kingennie Wedding. This was my first visit to this beautiful venue set within a country resort with beautiful lakes and woodland and it was one to remember. Mostly because I went to school with Kate so I got to have an amazing catch up with her which involved a couple of hours of us talking about life, weddings and the old days during her and Sean’s couple shoot in St. Andrews and on the day I stayed up way too late so I could catch up with people I hadn’t seen for years. I think it was the hottest wedding of 2018 and I think I may have got a little overheated in my excitement to capture every moment I could.

What was special about Forbes of Kingennie

Kate and Sean looked at lots of venues before settling for the lakes and woodland backdrop of Kingennie just outside Dundee. As soon as I researched it I could see why they chose it, the fishing lakes, woodland and boathouse created the most beautiful backdrop and they could also accommodate lots of people on site in the beautiful woodland lodges.

In The Morning

Often couples only book me for a little bit of bridal preparations before the ceremony but Kate asked if I could be there a couple of hours before which was great and it allowed me to capture so many cute moments in the build up to the wedding.

Sean and the groomsmen were in a lodge 5 mins from Kate’s and once they were all ready Sean gave each groomsmen a hip flask but with Sean’s teenage nephew as one of the groomsmen they had some chuckles trying to distinguish which contained the Ribena.

In Kate’s lodge her lovely mum and bridesmaid Hayley were drying out her dad’s speech which had accidentally been soaked. Hayley was walking around holding pieces of paper like wings while her mum used the hair dryer to try to dry them out. The lodge the girls were in had a view across the water so we could watch the boys walking to the venue to meet the guests and the kids loved watching the fish jumping in the water.

Favourite Photo

My favourite photo from the wedding is Kate’s bridesmaid Hayley doing up the buttons on her dress. At school they were always laughing together and Hayley’s attempts at doing up the tiny buttons on Kate’s dress caused a lot of entertainment. This photos reminds me of the silly things we laughed at when we were at school. In the end she managed none of the buttons and the other bridesmaids stepped in.

The Ceremony Room

The ceremony room has a majestic vaulted ceiling and wide doors which back onto one of the fishing lakes. The simple decorations left the room feeling pretty and airy, perfect for a summer wedding.

Kate’s Stella York Dress

You’ve got to love a pretty dress and this Stella York wedding dress is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. The detail and cut suited Kate perfectly. We had some laughs messing around with her veil, wrapping it around Sean and trying to get it to catch in the wind.

Talented Friends

Kate’s wedding was adorned with unusual and vintage style details with her sweet geometric cake by her bridesmaid Kate and the lace decorations created by our lovely mutual school friend and a previous Ali Jay bride Angela.

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